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Son Doong cave – the largest cave in the world

August 3, 2016, the People's Committee of Quang Binh province with Official Letter No. 1213 / Committee on the time-VX mining tourist routes "Conquering Son Doong - the world's largest cave." Accordingly, the province agreed to allow the Company Limited Chua Me Dat (Oxalis) continue to exploit the tourist route "Conquering Son Doong - the world's largest cave," from May 01 - 8/2017, copper the Management Board requests the Phong Nha - Ke Bang, the company implemented the exploitation Oxalis to ensure sustainability, not break the natural landscape, the lowest limit negative impacts on the environment natural, scenic caves, in accordance with the master plan for sustainable tourism development in the region National Park Phong Nha - Ke Bang has been approved and prescribed in Decision No. 3753 / QD-Committee 24/12 / 2014 of the PPC.

According to information from the company said Oxalis, 2016, the Company has effectively exploited tourist route "Conquering Son Doong - the world's largest cave." In 2016, the unit has received 442 visitors, grossed nearly 32 billion. Since operators and now has about 1,300 visitors successfully conquering Son Doong.
This trail was the world's major newspapers promoted as National Georaphic Journal, New York Times, Google Adwords, Tripadvisors ... and the leading magazines in Vietnam. In particular, the company has promoted the Son Doong cave promoted through the program "Good Morning America" in 2015 and held for ambassadors of Britain, Australia, Italy, Sweden, the Czech Republic, participated Archentina ... Son Doong conquered in 2016, and in other ways contribute to promoting effects Quang Binh tourism have prospered. At the same time, attract and meet the diverse needs of visitors to learn, explore global outstanding value of the World Heritage Site National Park Phong Nha - Ke Bang.
 Reportedly, the company will open the tour in August, and limit the number of guests want to conquer the Son Doong in 2017 was 500 people.


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Tour : Son Doong cave – the largest cave in the world
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