The world’s largest cave Son Doong, Vietnam or Room Miao, China

Youth on electronic pages with post dated 01.10.2014 “world’s biggest cave” by Ta Xuan Quan

Youth on electronic pages with post dated 01.10.2014 “world’s biggest cave” by Ta Xuan Quan ( lon-nhat-the-gioi.aspx) from “China ‘supercave’ is the largest on eARTH: Welcome to Room Miao huge cavern could fly a jumbo jet you inside”, roughly translated as “Super biggest caves on earth : to cave Miao Room you can fly in by plane inside “information posted on electronic page Daily Mail dated 09.30.2014. To have a scientific basis confirmed the above information, we refer to the information page National Geographic global reputation and geographic science with Mr. Howard Limbert – expert cave caves belong Research Society British Royal. Here is the evidence for you to read further information to access Youth newspaper.
A British expedition team used techniques 3D measurement with laser to determine the size and volume of the hollow caves Miao Room, National Park Ziyun Getu He Chuandong, China. According to information posted on the National Geographic said that the volume of the hollow cavity (charmber, room) is 10.78 m3, length is 852 m, the widest section is 192,9m. The surface area of 1.27 million m2, behind the cave Sarawak, Malaysia.

Illustration empty cavity cave Miao Room. Source: National Geographic

Son Doong Cave National Park of Phong Nha – Ke Bang Cave is Research Association confirmed Royal spectacular caves are the largest and the world today. Mr Howard Limberd, cave survey team leader, said “hollow cave chamber in China is 10.7 million m3 volume, while the volume of the Son Doong cave is 38.5 million m3. 852m length of the cavity hollow (chamber) Miao dynamic Room is part of the cave system 4km length. Son Doong cave’s large entrance longer than 5 km, and the total length of the cave Son Doong nearly 9 km. In postings on website international mail does not mention the largest cave that is “hollow” the largest. Thus, the volume of the largest cave Son Doong cave three times with Room Miao in China “.

Originally Posted by English Howard Limberb exchange with us: “The chamber is 10.7 million in China in volume cubic meters. Son Doong Cave is 38.5 million cubic meters in volume. The chamber in China is 852m long, and is part of a 4 kilometer dragon cave, the rest of mà very small. The Son Doong Cave in large passage is over 5 kilometers long, and the total length of Son Doong is almost 9 kilometers. They are the largest cave Claiming Actually not, but the largest chamber or ‘room’. So Son Doong cave is over 3 times larger by volume, but this does have the largest cave chamber by volume. ”

3D models Son Doong cave (the biggest gap of 250m high, the length stores about 9000m).
Source: National Park Phong Nha – Ke Bang

  The movement and interaction of the atmosphere on our planet has created wonders and there are certain differences due to ecological factors, geology, climate dominates. Son Doong and Miao Room is the wonders of creation, an important value of the Earth sciences. The scientists, explorers discover describe for us to understand more about the natural values and its operating rules and the interaction with the human world. However, to assert or conclude a problem to have an objective scientific basis. Therefore, the above referenced information from reliable sources on the National Geographic Society and research from the Royal caves are considered the scientific evidence confirms Son Doong is the largest cave nay./ world.

Vo Van Tri
Office of Science and International Cooperation,
National Park Management Board of Phong Nha – Ke Bang
Mobile: 0913336889

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