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Monday, 17/10/2016 - 09:55

Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park: “Gia Hac” a orchid flower blooming in the Botanic Garden.

Coming to Botanical Garden, you will have chance to look the blooming Orchid flowers with various kind of species and families. Pure and natural...

The outstanding flower species at this time is “Gia hac” Orchid flower. “Gia Hac” Orchid, named Dendrobium anosmum Lindl, is a very beautiful Orchid species with passionate fragrance. “ Gia Hac”  is a orchid species that their habitat in the tropical forest,  the trunk to 1.2m, the leaf extends from 4 to 7 cm, the diameter of flower is about 10 cm and the flower blossom out in spring and summer  with 2 main colors: purple pink and white.
If you visit Botanic garden at this season, besides contemplating the beauty of forest orchids , you can immerse in nature, forest and mountains, experience the lively natural landscapes such as: Gio waterfall, Vang Anh lake .. and especially admiring “ Gia Hac” orchid flower blooming in the Botanic Garden. 
"Some images of orchid flowers in the Botanic Garden"
 Ngoc Kien