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Paradise Cave

Dubbed the "underground palace" Heaven is one of the wonders of the magnificent and magical world most. Dynamic nestled deep in World Natural Heritage National Park Phong Nha-Ke Bang, terrain catto ancient, dating from today formed around 350 to 400 million years. Heaven is located at Km 16 from West Branch edge of Ho Chi Minh road about 4km of Son Trach commune, Bo Trach District, Quang Binh Province, the center of Dong Hoi city about 70km to the northwest edge West Road branch in Ho Chi Minh . Phong Nha way about 25km west branch journey north Truong Son Street, very convenient way.

In 2005, from the profile of a local people have accidentally discovered a valuable cave is located inside the World Natural Heritage - National Park Phong Nha - Ke Bang, immediately attracting attention by the scientists, explorers and local communities and internationally. Shortly thereafter, the Association for Research UK Royal caves, under the chairmanship of Dr. Howawd Limbert was immediately organized caving Union and announced the results very unexpected. According to police, this expedition is the longest dry cave in Asia, especially system stalagmites, stalactites here with shimmering beauty, subtle, beyond the imagination of man ...

Heaven has a length of over 31.4 km, the width ranges from 30 to 100 m, the widest place up to 150m; height from the bottom up to the ceiling of about 60-80m, is British Caving Association considered the longest dry cave in Asia, one of the most spectacular caves each group surveyed caves in heaven's structured gioi.Dong magnificent, magnificent and fanciful makes people think of caving in a heaven on earth.

Small cave entrance was barely a man down, beneath hundreds of meters higher compacting stones look very spectacular. A slope leading down to the background of long 15m, slopes are created very picky with numerous stalactites big round beads, the two sides have many vestiges slope collapsed, sprawling stalactite columns as though undergoing a tectonic . Magnificent glamor of the cave was revealed when light shines on stalactites boundless fantasy. But narrow door into the inside width of more than 200m active, dynamic soaring ceilings, immense ...

Especially in the image and likeness dynamic cultural icons regions, more dynamic deep in grain stone steps laid out a flexible, long hun smoking and graduated as terraces, between the cells dynamic as symbols of wet rice civilization, stalactite columns Champa very beautiful pyramid.

Beautiful stalactite

Guang Han Palace unique is where stalactite curtain drooping like the fairies or Palace of Fairy Pants converge with both populations Buddha Amitabha, ... Most important is the Lotus Tower with special shapes that the eyes of each person, in each angle carries different shapes. In fact it is stalactite formed from water droplets splashing does not as a rule created for dynamic mysterious beauty Heaven.

Highland Rong house

Compared to the Phong Nha cave stalactites in Paradise are more dynamic than shapes. Occasionally encounter a steep slope as the new stone formation, while wet steam, boarded hear sound barrier broken at the foot fence. There will crowd into the lights when light shines up like tinsel, twinkling starlight night as boundless. Wallpaper Much land is flexible, wide and relatively flat, only dynamic temperature 20-21 degrees C.

To serve tourists enjoying, extraction units were installed a long wooden staircase through the middle of the centromere. This system increasingly staircase adorned endless beauty, pristine caves.


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