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The memorization temple on Road 20

Located at Km 16, the 20 Decision Thang, Dong Hoi City and 55km to the northwest, located in Tan Trach commune, Bo Trach District, Quang Binh Province, Top Eight She is glorious remnants of war against the US country.
Date 11/14/1972, while residing bombs, group Young Volunteers 8 4 male, 4 female country Hoang Hoa district, Thanh Hoa province were American bombs buried in a small cave deep in the forest CTS. Although the team seeks to find ways to break the door and hang but after 9 days and nights digging in vain, brothers and sisters were forever remain in their twenties ...

"The body fell into land Nation
Soul soar National Gas Chemical components "
8 Youth Volunteer sacrifice in a cave has shocked the whole front, strengthen the cadres and Youth Volunteer members turn sadness into revolutionary action. Before the store, officers and soldiers University Youth Volunteer Team 25 217 teams swore willing to sacrifice for the Fatherland for highways, road. 8 Youth Volunteer cave where sacrifice becomes red address and sacred to every officer and soldiers marching on the roads, they tell each other stories about the brave sacrifice of comrades and called the place "Hang Eight She". The war will somehow end, the pain will somehow eased. But in the mind for many people the Vietnamese land, symbol of the courage of the brothers and sisters are forever shining.
Memorial Temple of the 20 martyrs, Wins Decision is allocated to the Center of Tourism Phong Nha - Ke Bang charge. Donors welcome the work of the Center is always focused, how to medium smoke flavor caring brothers and sisters, recently held a reception in the solemn atmosphere. Currently, she's Hang Eight spiritual destinations are very well known. And tourists everywhere, at every opportunity through Quang Binh land of spiritual masterpiece, have some time to visit, lit incense compressed mind before incense tribute soul brothers and sisters.
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Tour : The memorization temple on Road 20
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