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Administration and Organization


 Administration and Organization Division is an specialized division which is under direct management of Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park Management Board (PNKB MB).

Administration and Organization Division has the function to help the Director of PNKB MB on personnel organization, emulation, commendation, discipline, regime and policy for civil servants and employees; accounting work, militia training and other administrative works.


  * Manager:Nguyen Ngoc Dung

- Mobile: 0943370965

- Email: dungnn.pnkb@quangbinh.gov.vn

 * Deputy manager: Le Van Vinh

- Mobile: 0913066148

- Email: vinhlv.pnkb@quangbinh.gov.vn


Support the Director of PNKB MB on: 

  1. Personnel organization:
  2. a) To develop proposals, regulations and plans related to organizational structure and staffing of PNKB MB;
  3. b) Recruitment, contracting, planning, training, fostering, appointed, dismissed, articles, dispatched, lifting, change in professional titles, assessement, arangement and use of officers under the provisions of the State and the decentralized management;
  4. c) To implement the provisions of the standard occupational titles, positions and staff structure.
  5. d) To follow, manage records of public servants, officials and employees and kind of records related to the Park’s organization of personnel as stipulated by laws.
  6. e) To participate in Employee Recruitment Council and other councils in the office when the Director of PNKB NP Management Board established.
  7. f) To guide, test, regulate the internal affairs, administrative reform in the Park’s sub stitutions.
  8. g) To chair and coordinate with the Park’s sub stitutions carried out synthesizing, develop reports relating to personel organization.
  9. Archives:
  10. a) To perform the clerical and archival work in accordance with the provisions of law; Manage and use the seal of PNKB NP Management board.
  11. b) To build and implement regulations relating to clerical and archival work; manage the Park’s documents as stipulated by laws;
  12. c) Documenting and keeping records, documentation; Collection and valuation of documents; Proposing competent agencies to adjust documents; storage, preservation and use of archives as stipulated by laws.
  13. Emulation, commendation, discipline:
  14. a) To build planning, criterion, provision, procedures relating to the emulation, reward and discipline and implementation guidelines;
  15. b) To monitor, synthetise, build the reports relating to the Park’s emulation, reward and discipline under the provisions.
  16. To implement the modes for policy officer, servant, cival servant under the provisions of the State and the decentralized management.
  17. To implement the accouting work of the Park’s Office, include: Funds of facilities construction, Non-business expenditure source; To advise on the management and use of other funding which assigned by the Director under the provisions of law.
  18. To implement the provision and repair of the Office’s assets, facilities; monitor and manage using equipments which .
  19. To implement the administration reform, prevention and anti-corruption, protecting the internal politics and the regulations on State secrets; occupational safety, militia training, security and defense, fire protection, flood prevention; protocol; manage cafeterias, dormitories; security and protect office, caring for trees, implementing environmental sanitation of the Management Board’s office.
  20. To monitor, inspect, evaluate projects, plans, reports and other documents related to the assigned functions, tasks and powers.
  21. To implement the other tasks assigned by the Director of Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park Management Board.