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Sciences and International Cooperation Division


Science and International Cooperation Division is an specialized division which is under direct management of Phong Nha – Kẻ Bàng National Park Management Board (PNKB MB).


       * Manager: Le Thuc Dinh

       - Mobile: 0945946234

       - Email: dinhlt.pnkb@quangbinh.gov.vn

    * Deputy manager: Dang Ngoc Kien

       - Mobile: 0941366579

       - Email: kiendn.pnkb@quangbinh.gov.vn

       * Deputy manager: Bui Ngoc Thanh

       - Mobile: 0915272448

       - Email: thanhbn.pnkb@quangbinh.gov.vn


3.1. Functions:

Science and International Cooperation Division has the fuction to help the Director of PNKB MB on scientific research, information technology, transfer of technical processes and international cooperation in the field of biodiversity conservation, geology, geomorphology, environment, hydrology, historical and cultural relics and sustainable development of the resources within the Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park.

3.2. Tasks and rights:

- In scientific research:

+ To make annual plan of scientific research activities; Developing programs and plans for research into biodiversity, geology, geomorphology, environment, hydrology, changes in forest resources, historical and cultural relics and sustainable development of natural resources of the National Park and and submit it to the competent agency for approval.

+ To chair and coordinate with related units in proposing, elaborating and submitting scientific research subjects, programs and projects for preserving values of the Park; Organizing scientific research projects, conservation programs and projects  of Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park values that presided by the management board or investor.

+ To summarize results of scientific research, prepare a report to the management agency as prescribed; Propose measures to manage, conserve and promote the values of the National Park, buffer zone and surrounding areas.

+ To advise on establishment of the Scientific, initiative council of the Management Board; guide conditions and criteria on subjects, initiatives and solutions for recognition Competitors at all levels.

+ To chair and coordinate with related units in organizing scientific conferences and seminars.

- In cooperation:

+ To exchange and cooperate with domestic and foreign organizations on science and technology, biodiversity conservation, conservation of historical and cultural relics, buffer zone livelihoods, professional training, sciencetific and technical transfer.

+ To organize the signing of domestic and international projects under the cooperation program; To receive and participate in the management of international projects.

+ To advise on procedures and summarize reports of international cooperation activities in the Park; To coordinate, guide, inspect, supervise and manage activities of film crews, photographing, video recording, researching, practicing of organizations and individuals at the Park.

- Information and databases:

+ To manage and operate the National Park Website, email and management boxes; install the application software, maintain confidentiality and information system, internet, computers; Update, store and manage databases on the Park internal system.

+ To summarize, compile, translate, archive scientific documents in the field of operation of the National Park; To build and manage database of geological information, biodiversity, geology, geomorphology, historical relics, culture… of the National Park.

- To chair and coordinate with related units in construction and management of the natural resources monitoring system; To supervise and assess the impact of  tourism and production on environmental resources; To monitor, supervise and evaluate the status of historical and cultural relics in the Park; To propose and implement solutions to exploit and preserve the landscape, natural resources, historical and cultural relics, conservation and silvicultural items, community development and scientific and technical transfer.

- To implement the other tasks assigned by the Director of Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park Management Board.