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Va cave, Nuoc Nut Cave

Tourist routes with a total mileage of about 10 km with an average slope (about 150 m), not too difficult for many people, the entrance to the tourists to wade streams in the cave with a length of over 500 m at deepest water is about 1 meter, only annual tours operate from February until the end of August.

Features of this trail is a vast cave explorer's arch Cracked Water Cave and stalactites in caves and pools, while wading the stream about 500 meters, it will have a nearly 15-meter high wall, visitors must use set equipment belt (harness) and climbing rope (the rope) to pass safely wall, then hang arch expansion, there are many lakes with walled stalactite and stalagmite column thousands springing up inside lakes, lake water often create magical scenery.

Stalactite columns are formed in a very unusual way, unlike other caves in Vietnam and elsewhere in the world, here stalactite columns are formed from a hard material (wood branches, grains of sand ...) at the bottom of the lake, the water level rise over time in the pool carries calcium and cling to hard objects constitute stalactite columns, so the lake and tall columns will glosses over time, however, the column never higher emulsion into the lake because the columns are formed from the remains in the lake water.

Cave explorer tourist routes Va - Water Cracking been put in the lowest level (of difficulty) in conjunction with the group expedition explorer tours Son Doong (6 days) and Tu Lan (4 days) in order to meet various needs diversification as well as more suitable for many types of customers. There will be 3-4 departures per week, maximum number of passengers per trip only 8 people to ensure quality of service as well as conserve the cave.

According to Mr. Howard Limbert, specialist British Caving Association, compared to the other cave systems in Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park as well as many parts of the world, Va Hang - Hang Cracking Countries have very special features and strange. It's a system stalactites and stalagmites lake "incomparable".

To develop strategies for this type of tourism in order to meet the needs and conditions of many different groups, Oxalis has built and classified according to the group tour, depending on the time, the difficulty and cost of type tour as follows: expedition (expedition, high difficulty), Adventure (Adventure, average difficulty), Soft Adventure (low difficulty). The kind of tour operators have different time of the year to ensure the safety of the flood season, and to the caves have time balancing the ecosystem inside the cave, the number of visitors per tour as well as the number of guests in each row are calculated and limited.
Each tourist products are built with the difference in accents such as tours to swim since the cave, walk through the valley of the underground cave system, the walking tour Hang En between primeval forests, camping in the cave, cave vaulted great .... As the needs of any group increases, we can propose to open the routes fit the needs of each group, at the same time balance the capacity of each cave a reasonable way.

At the opening ceremony, Mr. Tran Tien Dung, Vice Chairman of Quang Binh has appreciated the close collaboration between the Company Oxalis, Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park in the survey, cube plans, specific plans to put this trail come into operation in order to explore the potential of the province cave, creating jobs for local people, and especially meet the needs of travelers.

"Over here, I also suggest that the company Oxalis and related units, in the process of exploitation of tourism products to ensure the promotion potential coupled with the protection and conservation of the inherent value of forest di courtyard. As for tourists, I hope, every visiting to admire and explore the caves, after stepping out of the cave with beautiful pictures, the movies and the introductions to friends everywhere on a "kingdom of caves" stunning in Phong Nha - Ke Bang, and must strive to protect the natural marvels that has granted forest heritage, "Dung said.

Here are photos of the author Ryan beam Deboodt / Win Bamboo Oxalis provided by the Company:


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Tour : Va cave, Nuoc Nut Cave
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