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Monday, 17/10/2016 - 09:54

Wonderful experiences in Tra Ang cave

Located on the Phong Nha- Ke Bang administrative and services subdivision on the road no.20 Quyet Thang, Tra Ang Cave was discovered in 2014 by the...

Tra Ang is a cave with green and cool underground river systems, contains pristine stalactites with various shapes and colours.
Currently, Tra Ang is being surveyed to become  the tourist route " Tra Ang Cave Discovering"- a visiting and discovering cave tourism type.
Here are the images recorded in the journey to Tra Ang
Passing 2 km along the stream to Tra Ang
Entrance hidden in limestone blocks, frontward of the entrance is the primitive rock blocks
Tra Ang is about 1 km in length and 50 m in width, the entrance is relatively large
 Inside the cave is the green and cool underground river 
Primitive stalactites, diverse in structures and shapes, creating a very spectacular scenery