ID Company Time start Phone
Đồng Hới –  Hà Nội
1 Hưng Long 18h30, 19h30, 20h30, 06h00 0979782889 – 0914077779
2 Hoàng Long 10h18, 10h42, 11h42, 12h42, 14h42, 18h42, 18h42, 19h42, 20h42, 21h12, 22h36, 22h42, 02h42 04.6672.6080 – 0978.600.558
Đồng Hới – Tp. Hồ Chí Minh
1 Hoàng Long 14h48, 18h48, 20h00, 20h48, 22h48, 02h48, 05h12, 05h30, 06h18, 06h30, 06h48, 09h18, 11h00 04.6672.6080 – 0978.600.558
2 Xuân Truyền 5h00, 5h30, 6h00 (0232) 351.4190 – 0127.8982.555
Phong Nha – Hà Nội
1 Hưng Thành 21h00 0975 292 144
Phong Nha – Tp. Hồ Chí Minh
1 Nam Châu

not fixed (going on days even in the lunar month)


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