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Tra Ang- as legendary story

Tra Ang springs located along 20 – Decision Win section from km 10 to km 16, of the division of administrative services National Park Phong Nha – Ke Bang. During the resistance war against American, Tra Ang is one of the key goals of the air force bombed the United States. Tra Ang key high point of 150m, 5km long, narrow roadways, a side of steep cliffs, deep one side wall. This is an important throat on route 20 – Decision win, so we tried to shelling and prevent devastating. There are raiding their round 87 consecutive days and nights with 793 battles. Some days they hit 27 times to 30 times B52 and other aircraft, bombing coordinates hundreds wounded and died. At Tra Ang streams for transporting 60 drums of gasoline to the rallying point takes 6 days (from 25.09.1968 to 10.01.1968), but when it arrived it only had 30 drums of gasoline to 29 who sacrificed , red blood tinged Tra Ang both streams. Suoi Tra Ang became “legendary gasoline and blood” of Truong Son soldiers. Although the rain of bombs, bullets storm, difficult, dangerous piling up, but with the spirit of “All for the front, all for Southern relatives, all to win”, with the slogan: “Live traction, died unyielding courage “,” the enemy broke, we fix, we go “is the spiritual inspiration, creating waves of tremendous strength, making feat as the myth of a” sawn along Truong Son to save the country “, established the glorious feats,


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