International Day of Action for Biodiversity 2016

22/5 days annual UN International Day selected as biodiversity, with the goal of raising public awareness about biodiversity and contrast

22/5 days annual UN International Day selected as biodiversity, with the goal of raising public awareness about biodiversity and reflects our responsibility in protecting the precious heritage this for future generations. In 2016, the International Day theme Biodiversity is “Integrating biodiversity; Stable life and community livelihood “. Accordingly, biodiversity is considered the foundation of people’s livelihood and sustainable development in all fields of economic activities in agriculture, forestry, fisheries and tourism.

However, in the context of climate change are now increasingly fierce, the extreme weather phenomena (El Nino, La Nina) often occurs not only to the loss of biodiversity but also degrade serious environmental ecosystem directly affects the lives and the development of man on earth. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the biodiversity of natural resources is the most precious and very great role in human life, but humans have overexploited resources this resource makes the ecosystem seriously affected, especially tropical forests shrunk alarmingly way. The degradation of ecosystems, such as deforestation, wetland habitat loss and many species of animals and plants are also degraded you follow, some species are in danger of extinction within the next few decades.

Biodiversity of the National Park Phong Nha – Ke Bang highest proven in Vietnam to 2951 plant species belonging to 1,002 genera, 198 them. Of these, 111 species in the Red Book of Vietnam in 2007, 39 species of Decree 32/2006 / ND-CP of the Government. On animals, the results have a statistical study of 825 vertebrate species and 464 invertebrate of 489 varieties, 151 them, 40 sets. In the 25 new animal species were recorded and published worldwide; there are 83 species of rare wild animals listed in Vietnam’s Red Book, 110 species listed in the World Red Book. Moreover, with characteristic karst ecosystem, which is the habitat of 10 species of primates, accounting for 50% of all species of primates in Vietnam; Of those, three endangered primates on a global scale as Ha Tinh langurs, langur Douc brown and white-cheeked gibbon. In addition, there exist many natural forest habitat is relatively pristine limestone with the largest area of forest in Vietnam with nearly 71,000, over 90% coverage.

Biodiversity conservation

Ecosystem, Phong Nha – Ke Bang function as suppliers, regulating, supporting and cultural brought livelihood to over 60,000 people living in the buffer zone, supporting economic and social development in the river basin Giang, Long Dai river, Dinh river and across the province. We can say the benefits of the natural resources of Phong Nha – Ke Bang are enormous. The exploitation and irrational use of natural resources leads to reduced risk populations, such as hunting, illegal logging, forest fires. Besides, the impact of tourism activities do not control the potential risk of degradation of biodiversity and habitat quality.

Subject International Biodiversity 2016 is the message speaks interactive relationship between biodiversity and livelihoods. Every time a species lost is affecting the biological cycle and causes damage to biodiversity, but biodiversity is considered to be the foundation of sustainable development. So the need for strategic use of resources on the principles of conservation; focus on communications solutions to raise awareness of the masses, especially the youth of the importance, value and role of biodiversity for economic development – social; implement the provisions of the law on biodiversity conservation; community mobilization and participation in conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity. Some activities should be promoted regularly and long term, such as environmental protection; rational use and saving of resources; planting, care and protection of trees; water protection; integration of activities to promote the implementation of the model of biodiversity conservation community based; harmony towards the development of economic, social and environmental needs of human life in the present and the future.


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