Mooc Spring Eco Trail

Ecotourism point Springs Trailer is located about 20 minutes Phong Nha car. After visiting the magnificent caves of Heritage Phong Nha – Ke Bang Trailer Springs is the ideal location and the most affordable for visitors.

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“Water Trailer” means unknown stream, suddenly erupting from the mountains. This strange stream after hundreds of kilometers wriggled inside the mountain when it becomes exposed cool volatile temperatures from 16-18 ° C in summer. So, to water trailers, you will unleash struggled in the blue water, sailing kayak.vv … enjoy chicken “chasing grasshoppers day, five night up with” and those “strange dish in a way not ever used “.

Tourist Centre Phong Nha – Ke Bang tour price alert Springs Attractions Trailer applied on 04.10.2015 as follows:

1. Tour Packages Tours Springs Attractions Trailer:

– Adults: 180,000 VN / turn;

– Children: VND100,000 / trip.

*. The services are provided free of charge:

– Life vest;

– Boat Kayak;

– Hope Radio admire triangle “Lan Vien Shiquan County”;

– Thrilling Games, flotation devices at the beach;

– Insurance tour

Price does not include VAT.

Period of application: From 04/10/2015

2. Entrance fees: From 1.3 m upwards: VND 80,000 / time

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