Phong Nha – where the war was going through

National Park Phong Nha-Ke Bang existed a historical relic of our army and people in the protection of independence and national reunification.

During the years of war against America, Phong Nha is the hottest fronts. On this front, the struggle between ourselves and the enemy was very drastic. Enemies cruel trickery, raiding transportation, to cut off my aid for post-major Northern large southern frontline. So, for two times cause destructive war, US imperialism has used a large number of aircraft, warships, flush it down a huge volume of munitions that are mostly aimed at the entire transport system Military zone 4 in the province, which is the enemy to “panhandle region.”


As the front line of the large northern hinterland, where the entire force, technical and material to meet all requirements of frontline and revolution two southern Laos, Cambodia, is a starting offensive pedal position south of the 17th parallel targets, Quang Binh Phong Nha become key raiding prevent extremely intense, fierce air Force, US navy; attempt to destroy life on the entire route; line of fire it became challenging the will, the energy, the strength of our army and people.

Taking full advantages of revolutionary heroism, untold hardships and sacrifices, because the whole country and the whole country, army and people of Quang Binh has defeated the war strategy by the Air Force and navy of the empire Noodle. With determination, “Mark enemy that comes, which way forward”; “Vehicles not over, the unsparing”; “Roads are not informed, unfortunately blood spared no bones” … Army and our people have clung staunch pillar in the line of fire, traffic hold blood vessels, and assist ensure comprehensive, continuous rear to the front, an important contribution to the victory of the resistance war against cosmetic industry and the country.

The line of fire – traffic artery in the province of Quang Binh Phong Nha-American time in history hit against invasion of our nation as the epic of extraordinary strength, intelligence and courage of man Vietnam, the people of Vietnam Ho Chi Minh era. From here, feats, sites; Phong Nha Xuan Son ferry, the 20 – Decision Win, ATP key, hang 8 Young Volunteers … and Ho Chi Minh Trail was always shining in the history of the nation against foreign aggression in Vietnam.



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