Son Doong tops list of most incredible caves in the world

Canadian travel magazine The Travel recently announced its top 10 most incredible caves in the world, in which Son Doong cave in Vietnam is the only representative of Vietnam in the list.

According to The Travel, Son Doong is one of the “unique” caves in the world. Known as the world’s largest cave complex, Son Doong cave is 200m high, 175m wide and 9.4km long and is estimated to fit a 40-story skyscraper in New York.

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This cave was first discovered by a team of British experts and locals in 2009. International tourists know Son Doong with the name “River Mountain Cave”. Experts believe that the cave was formed about 2.3 million years ago by the eroding of Rao Thuong River into the foothills of Truong Son limestone mountains. After the process of merging mountains and rivers, a large tunnel was formed beneath the cliffs. The most attractive of Son Doong cave is the dense forests, diverse vegetation in the cave, along with stalactites, tall stalagmites, sinkholes and cave pearls. For even experienced visitors, it takes at least two days of trekking through the forest, crossing the fast-flowing river to reach the entrance of Son Doong cave.

Beside the Vietnamese cave, the Canadian travel magazine also announced nine other incredible caves in the world, including: Vatnajokull cave (Iceland), Naica cave (Mexico), Krubera cave (Georgia), Waitomo cave (New Zealand), Batu cave (Malaysia), Marble Carverns (Chile), Tham Lod cave (Thái Lan), Reed Flute cave (China) and Škocjan (Slovenia).

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