Son River – A legendary story

Son river with aqua blue continent winding the Ke Bang limestone mountain as unique embellished every guests visiting Heritage Song Son Phong Nha cave and tied to many legends, but legends about fidelity in love always leave a lot of memories in the tourists.

The parcel was in the rolling mountains are an old man as hunters just gave birth to a daughter. Aged just full moon, she was a great woman’s period save human kind. Besides, she also has a knack for playing the flute. Each flute when she lifted up the fish are deep diving suddenly resurfaced, birds flying in the sky suddenly swooping down trees, more strange is how much like the animal is growling, screaming, dogfight in are all silent forest all to listen. Stories about talented girl soon integrity that has spread from the forest to the sea, had been reported to the State even Aging Through (waterpipe). Of course, do not know how many talented handsome young man, born in the family of a kind ‘Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles’ look here, look forward to fall into her blue eyes, but they all refused, because the reason she had fiancé. Suffering well, no one near and far in the know ‘who her fiancé’ is anyone, anywhere. But it was true, rather it is a true legendary nature.

Detect forever villagers learned that: A cool breeze moon summer night, the beautiful climb up the first stone elephants tissue protruding between the mountain streams flowing after sitting a scenic round, then get blown flute out. Moments later, she saw something like a shooting star bright incision from the galactic river straight to the forest where she was staying. From the halo a handsome young man, mighty valiant horse riding went to the elephant-headed stone model.

“Dont be afraid! I have come here to propose to her. If not, then invited her to refuse horses roam a trip with me in heaven before the premiere of her father. ”

Strangely, only with words such rustic simplicity of the boys, which made her heart flutter. Then, as if a miracle dictated, she obediently climbed onto the horse’s back, confident young man sitting behind. Moment working horse leaped away, then release between this constellation spiraling through different constellations between galaxies willed cheerful voice of mirth in the couple’s identity. But suddenly, the man to stop horse whose face suddenly became very sad, depressed, he turned to her:

“We can not continue the fun anymore, because women have a call to our form of Ngoc Dien”

Why he know? – The girl asked bewildered.

She looked at here is clear. Told you, boy putting up fingering her before. The girl looked at the iridescent pearl on the ring side and saw two strange old old beauty, who raised his hand and said beckons something in a language she did not understand. Being happy, suddenly dashed seconds above. Boys pity tiep- We temporarily separated, because I gave her this ring, should remember is never endangered life- threatening, she had referred to the mouth in the face leisurely three hours ‘About me’ remoteness though it might be, we also behind clouds dance cost to save her. Horse to carry two people on earth, and the couple separated in belief regret, wanders.

At this time, rumors in western European tuners (Phong Nha) have a talented girl came to the ears integrity a warlord. This guy has an imposing castle built on a magnificent high mountain clouds four seasons. He was rich in kind ‘rich league home “across the sky along the land authority. But big wife, mistresses were leading, but heard loads about the beautiful young girl he was extremely hungry for her and deliberately appropriated by it. After repeatedly appointed servants, soldiers brought wedding presents to the old man’s eyes hunter to propose to the girl, but were not, appoint a gang warlord cohorts confidante to stalking, and then she ‘ the stream girl sitting flute, was kidnapped girl put her castle elephant carrying on. From there, twice daily, to launch warlord girl and every time he was also carrying a tray of precious stones to beg her to give love for him, but the girl refused the one hand, for reasons of ‘ I had fiancé. I can not take him to be ‘. Finally, angry warlord shouted:

“Like heavy favorite trick, said sweet not listen! Great people very easily to a Hairs as you slip through my hand why ?. ”

Stuffed snails cage eyes shock waves, both voice hissed through his teeth and laugh capabilities on the warlord that girl knew she was in danger so. That moment, she remembered the ring that awarded lover and his grunt. Strangely enough, look at the finger, the ring was lost ever since, no longer leisurely quarter. She panicked and looked around quickly realized, she was detained room in the top floor of the castle lord. Behind the steep cliffs thousands of feet high, straight down a flooded lake in dim smog. While warlord slowly toward her, she steps back toward the window of the room.

This warlord stop him. She screamed: “I had fiancé. If he approached again, he will find a corpse “. But the lord suspensions forward. lightning, dancing girls on the window frame. ‘The army Oh! Be back here with me! “. She cried out his sentence and rushed out the door, flew away as swans down to ho.Ngay away both majestic castle, imposing natural vibration ring, wobble, shake emit cries sprinkle, then decline gradually, falling gradually down to minus certain corporate hell. At the same time, water from the slot, tops many places in the mountains and streams rushing down the lake stones. Explosion, water power was violently breaking into a flow lakeshore, rushing downstream, flows to the sea. Where water flows to the top of the stork, the crane, the cauldron, cranes and fish below the arcade, Trem fish, perch, eel roll on which glide. Water flows to where there shortly after, the Princess bride, beach sugarcane, rice fields, potato cultivation, the prosperous village sprang up and soon became a peaceful rural scenery fresh application for , at unparalleled.

At that time, there was a Magi from the north in search of drugs, “youth and longevity” has stopped here for some time because the students love scene. He was amazed because blue river that has no name . listen to the villagers telling stories, he understands that the introduction of this romantic river tied to the suicide of the girl faithful Highlander silver par talented but since when, should he intend to get her name popping named for the river. irony, no one here knows what her name is. Ngẫm out, he found her dead when he was young SON, to be suicidal to keep faithful golden heart with someone you love . Therefore, the Taoist he named this river as sON. villagers extremely grateful, touched the girl’s death talented, virtuous, called grace given to the river, since then the river should be called SON villagers TV. forever to this day retains river green waters, blue, his faithful.



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