The 20 – Decision not to forget the years won

From the years 1964-1965, the anti-US resistance war for national salvation of our army and people have stepped into a new stage, won the basic victory.

From the years 1964-1965, the anti-US resistance war for national salvation of our army and people have stepped into a new stage, won the basic victory.

The risk strategy “special war” failed completely, government minions collapse, US imperialism was forced to use the strategy of “local war” – US troops into the South along with weapons, means of war; simultaneously bombed the north by air and sea quan.Voi this new strategy, the US imperialists to prevent, advance to repel the advance of the world revolution in the South, up North just fierce, break cancellation economic potential, military, destroying my aid sources and the North with the South. The resistance of our people stand in front of a new challenge very seriously. US imperialist bombing strengthen up North, the province in the province of Military Region 4 US troops were not focused raiding fiercest, longest, with the scale, the growing intensity. Transport roads, waterways is targeted at leading raiding them. Especially the main traffic routes: Line 1, line 15, line 12 out violently beaten. The important point as the ferry crossing Gianh, Xuan Son ferry, Long Dai, Ben Thuy … often dominated. To meet the requirements of ensuring combat increasing tasks and assist the larger battlefield, more urgently, require road transport system motor needs to thrive. If only one gate 12 over key roads such as Khe Ve, Gate of Heaven, Mu Gia regularly raiding enemy fiercest roads are clogged, especially during rainy weather, muddy roads can not be guaranteed respond promptly and assist the battlefield.

From that situation, the Party Central Committee Political Bureau decided to open 20 additional routes to break monopoly Wins Decision reached export routes 12A and shorten the transport from the north down the road 9 December 1965, mass upsurge lower down the slope “Three ladders” are firing, officially opened at the inauguration ceremony 20. the 20 road shows the determination “that stand out online,” determined to fight to win a decisive victory on the battlefield transportation load at ground line of fire. Two regiments of Infantry No. 41, No. 10 and the total number of youth volunteer team consisting of thousands of girls and boys 25 in the provinces of Quang Binh, Ha Tinh, Nghe An, Thanh Hoa, Ha Nam, Ninh Binh and motorized units under the direct leadership of commander 559 Ministry and the Ministry of Transport to undertake this historic task. After four months of construction, on 05 January 05 1966, the path of youth 20- path. The path of the will and determination to win the enemy invading America, determined to win in front of transport has been completed with a length of 123km, through the agency of thousands of Truong Son, comes Phong Nha (Quang Binh ) connected to the road at the junction 128B Phum district Lum Bu-La-Pha, Kham Muon province (Laos).

US imperialism discernible role, location and terrain characteristics of this road, so day and night constantly focused raiding, extremely violent liet.Tren 20-Decision Win routes have more “fire Coordinates “especially fierce focus group” ATP “- (A-Crab, raiding enemy 3020 games, underground and pass Pu Ta Le-La-Slide 8 km long enemy more than 10,000 times). Key Tra Ang, key Km16, km 14, Xuan Son ferry (including ferries B and ferry Nguyen Van Troi). Per soldiers here endured 1,000 loai.Truong Son-bomb the Phong Nha has become a place of confrontation between the iron and steel willpower, courage, wisdom and people of Vietnam with ordnance-based products military industrial inhumane US.

The present day humans in the line of fire, roads, key raiding the enemy’s fierce; the bombing of the US air bags, medium duty open the way, both to protect the road, protect the troops and vehicles to the front took the death, giving life to the battlefield. Courage and great sacrifice of our brothers, sisters Young Volunteers turned the road into a 20-Decision Win landmarks nature fierce and wondrous feats of the great people’s war. From then to the end of the war, the 20 were repeatedly upgraded to fulfill the strength, breaking monopoly and assist effectively online battlefield and made Southern feat on the front cover of transportation in the squad roads legendary Ho Chi Minh trail.


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